How to Create A Comfortable Second Home For Your Child

How to Create A Comfortable Second Home For Your Child

After a divorce, children may have to adjust to going back and forth between their parents’ homes. At first, children may feel more comfortable staying in the home that their parents shared during the marriage. But, you can change this by creating a comfortable second home for your child. Follow these tips:

Let your child decorate.

Get your child involved in the process so they become more excited about having a second home. Let your child pick what color paint he wants on the walls, the bedspread that will go on his bed, and any other furniture that you need for the room. Kids will embrace the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and design a room that is all their own.

Pack a bag with important items.

Does your child have a hard time sleeping without his favorite stuffed animal or blanket? If he doesn’t have these items in his second home, it will be hard to make him feel comfortable. Prevent this problem by asking your ex-spouse to pack a bag of your child’s favorite items so he can bring everything with him to his second home. This bag full of prized possessions should travel back and forth to both homes so your child can feel as comfortable as possible with both of his parents.

Don’t cut off communication with the other parent.

You should never make your child feel as if he cannot call his other parent when he is in your home. It can be scary to sleep in a new bed for the first few months, so if talking to your ex-spouse makes your child comfortable, let him do it. Don’t take this as an insult—it doesn’t mean that your child loves you any less just because he wants to talk to his other parent.

Be patient.

It will take time for your child to adjust to life at his second home, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen right away. Be patient and encourage your child to share his feelings with you. If there’s something that you can do to make your child more comfortable, he shouldn’t be afraid to tell you.

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