Tips For Celebrating the Holidays After A Divorce

Tips For Celebrating the Holidays After A Divorce

Many men and women will celebrate their first holiday season as divorcees this year. This time of the year can be challenging for new divorcees, but there are ways to make is easier. How? Follow these tips for celebrating the holidays after a divorce:

Create A Visitation Schedule For the Holidays

Divorced couples should create a visitation schedule that is specifically designed for the holiday season. As you create this schedule, remember that your kids will most likely want to spend time with both of their parents. Try to give them equal time with each of you even if that means only spending Christmas morning with them before taking them to your ex-spouse’s house for the afternoon. You may not get as much time with your kids as you did when you were married, but it’s important to appreciate the time that you do have together.

Change the Routine

Couples often get in the habit of doing the same thing for the holidays every year, such as going on a ski trip or drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace. If this is your first year alone, change your holiday routine so you are not reminded of married life. This year, create new holiday traditions with the loved ones that are still in your life so you’re not reminded of your past.

Do Not Isolate Yourself

Do not allow yourself to stay home alone during the holidays. Take your mind off of your divorce by making plans with friends or family—even if you don’t normally spend the holidays with them. Focus on creating new memories with your loved ones instead of reminiscing about the past.

Don’t Compete With Gifts

Divorced parents may try to compete for their kids’ affection by spending far too much on gifts during the holidays. But, this is not a good idea and sends the wrong message to kids that love can be bought with gifts. To avoid this problem, talk to your ex-spouse before the holidays approach about buying holiday gifts. Parents may want to set spending limits or even go in on a gift for their children together.

By following these tips, new divorcees may be able to find joy in the holiday season as they learn about life after divorce.

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