How to Bond With Your Children With Limited Visitation Time

How to Bond With Your Children With Limited Visitation Time

The judge presiding over your divorce will determine what type of custody arrangement is in the best interest of your child. Joint custody is often the best choice so kids can spend equal time with both of their parents. But sometimes, a judge will decide that it is best for one parent to be awarded sole custody. The non-custodial parent will typically be given visitation rights in this situation, which leaves little time for the parent to spend with his child. How can you bond with your children with limited visitation time? Follow these tips:

Talk Between Visits

Keep the conversation with your child going in-between visits. Call your child to find out how his day was at school or if he hit any homeruns in baseball practice. Even though you’re not with him, talking to your child via phone or text can help you build on your relationship in-between visits.

Create A Second Home

Your child may not spend much time at your house, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t feel at home when he is there. Make an effort to create a second home for your child so he feels comfortable while he is with you. Let him pick out the furniture, bedding, and paint colors so he can customize the space to make it his own. You should also ask the custodial parent to pack a bag of your child’s favorite toys so he can bring these items with him. Having his favorite things with him at your house will make him feel more at home.

Don’t Go Overboard

Parents with limited visitation may feel the need to take their kids on lavish trips to amusement parks, water parks, or beaches every time they are together. But, this is not necessary. Sometimes, spending a quiet day at home playing in the backyard is a better bonding experience than riding rollercoasters at a theme park. Plan on taking them on this type of trip once in a while, but don’t do it every time you see them.

Don’t Talk About the Divorce

Do not talk to your child about the details of your divorce regardless of how much time has passed since it happened. This will make your child feel uncomfortable, which means it will be much harder to bond and build a relationship with him.

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