The Best Strategies For Shared Parenting

The Best Strategies For Shared Parenting

After a divorce, many parents are awarded joint custody of their children. A joint custody agreement typically means both parents will get to spend a significant amount of time with their children. There are several ways that parents can handle this type of shared parenting arrangement. Here’s a look at some of the best strategies for shared parenting:

Suitcase Kids

To implement the suitcase kids strategy, each parent needs to have their own home with a place for their children to stay. Then, the children can simply pack their bags and travel back and forth between each parent’s house. The amount of time that the children spend at each parent’s house can vary depending on a number of factors. For example, young children may want to switch back and forth more frequently so they don’t have to be separated from their other parent for a long time. On the other hand, if parents live far away from one another, children may only be able to switch every week or every other week.

This is the most common type of shared parenting strategy since it typically makes the most sense for the parents and children involved.

Bird Nesting

Another shared parenting strategy is known as bird nesting, which requires the parents to travel back and forth instead of the children. In this arrangement, the children live in the family home at all times and the parents alternate living there with them. For example, parents could arrange for the mother and father to alternate weeks in the family home.

During the weeks parents are not scheduled to be in the family home, they are living in their own home. Therefore, parents will have to pay the expenses on their own home and share the expenses of the family home. Because of this, the bird nesting strategy may be too expensive for some parents to implement.

Double Nesting

A less expensive alternative to bird nesting is the double nesting parenting strategy. In this arrangement, both parents remain in the family home with their children, however they live separate lives as single adults. This is much cheaper than a standard bird nesting arrangement since parents only have to share the expenses of the family home. However, this type of arrangement will only work if the parents are on good terms with one another. If not, living in close quarters could lead to conflict.

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