The Post-Divorce Vacation Trend

The Post-Divorce Vacation Trend

Many people assume that divorcees spend the days or weeks following the finalization of their divorce mourning the end of their marriage. This may be how some divorcees spend their first few days of life after divorce, but others choose to enter the next chapter of lives on a more positive note by taking a post-divorce vacation.

It’s common for people to take honeymoons to celebrate the start of a new marriage and babymoons to savor the last few months of their childfree lives. Now, more people are also starting to take vacations to commemorate their divorce. These post-divorce vacations are often referred to as “start-anew-moons” since divorcees see the trip as the start of a new beginning in their lives.

While some divorcees may go on these trips alone, others invite a small group of close friends to join them. Travelers prefer going to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico or on an island in the Caribbean that offer fun activities and luxurious amenities. But, you don’t have to travel out of the country in order to take part in this trend. Other divorcees visit locations within the U.S. known for fun and entertainment such as Las Vegas or New Orleans. All of these destinations provide travelers with the opportunity to kick back, let their hair down, and forget about the stress of filing for divorce.

Anyone can participate in the post-divorce vacation trend, but experts say that the majority of divorcees who take trips after a divorce are 40-50 year old females. Many of these divorcees are empty nesters who are learning how to live on their own for the first time in years. Instead of allowing themselves to feel down about the end of their marriage, they choose to celebrate their freedom surrounded by loved ones.

Taking a post-divorce vacation may work for some people, but it’s certainly not right for everyone. It’s important to remember that everyone handles divorce in their own way. There’s no need to feel pressure to get over the end of your marriage or take a trip if you are simply not ready to do so.

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