High Asset Divorces

You’ve got a big house, expensive cars, and maybe some other real estate. Your or your spouse might own a successful business. You have investments, along with antiques, jewelry and artwork. You can easily afford to take nice vacations and send the kids to private school.

Your divorce fits the profile for a “high asset divorce.” You can expect it to be both complicated and contentious. You’ll do best with a lawyer who is experienced at investigation, questioning witnesses and taking a strong position in court or negotiations.

At Adams Family Law, we are all of those things. Our years of criminal work have taught us to ferret out evidence, question things that don’t seem right and work with experts to develop a case. And if necessary, we are not afraid to play hardball when questioning your ex or your ex’s expert.

Our goal is to protect your interests and get you a good result that lets you move on with your life. Contact us for a free consultation.

High Asset Divorces – Things to Know

A high asset divorce follows the same procedures as any other divorce. However, they are generally more complicated and may involve more fighting, both because of the complexity and because the parties can afford to wage a long legal battle.

If you have a lot of assets, your financial picture is probably pretty complicated, with businesses, investments, real estate and personal property. You may have funds in multiple accounts and trusts. We may need to hire experts to value certain assets, including businesses and jewelry

In addition, it’s common for one spouse to understand the finances better than the other, particularly if the assets involve businesses that only one spouse is actively involved in. When one side holds all the cards, the lawyers on the other side have to do a lot more investigation to level the playing field.

All this complexity makes it easier to hide money in a high asset divorce than in a simpler one with just a checking and savings account. When we suspect this is happening, we may hire investigators to examine your ex’s lifestyle and compare it to the financial picture they’ve painted. We may file motions to compel disclosure of additional financial information, and we may take your ex’s deposition. We will act aggressively to uncover ALL of your marital assets before you agree to any property division.

At the same time, we will assert your rights if you are asked to produce more financial information than you’re legally required to produce. We won’t be bullied by your ex’s attorney, and we will always have your interest as our first priority.

If you have significant assets, it is crucial to get legal advice as early in the divorce process as possible and avoid making decisions based on your emotions.